Wooden stick makes whiskey taste good

Wooden stick makes whiskey taste good

Inventors treated top
shelf whiskey costing over $100 a bottle that had been aged for over 10
years, with cheaper versions with a Whiskey Element; they found the two
products became more chemically similar

Oak tool
‘ages’ and filters liquor in 24 hours; reduces chances of getting a
hangover. The Oregon-based inventors are now trying to raise money.

Rare, vintage bottles of whiskey can cost anywhere up to $1.4 million
(£874,150) and can be aged in oak barrels stored in cellars for years.
Now, there’s a wooden tool that saves time and money called ‘Whiskey
Element,’ which claims to be able to make cheap liquor taste expensive
in just 24 hours, report the Daily Mail.

The oak sticks are
specially designed to ‘age’ the drink by filtering out impurities and
infusing the whiskey with a more woody flavour similar to pricier
tipples. The sticks have lots of grooves cut in them to increase the
overall-surface area touching the liquid. They are intended to be placed
in a bottle or decanter of cheap whiskey to replicate the taste of a
more expensive tipple. They do this via ‘accelerated transpiration
through capillary action,’ according to the Portland, Oregon-based
company’s Kickstarter page, which means the liquid travels through tiny
tubes in the wood.

Time & Oak is raising money to the
Whiskey Elements into production. The inventors say they got their idea
while working in a liquor store when they asked themselves: ‘What’s the
difference between top shelf and well, whiskey?’

“And then it
hit us. If the goal is for the whiskey to filter in and out of the wood
to remove toxins, get infused with flavour, and pull out those rich
colours, what if the barrel isn’t the best design to achieve this
process?,” they wrote.

Tony Peniche explained that wood barrels
are used for containing whiskey because the wood is cut vertically so
that capillaries are not exposed to the liquid, meaning that it doesn’t
slowly seep out of the sides of the wood.

The company has also
come up with natural flavoured sticks so that flavours including
vanilla, cherry, maple, smokey and peaty can be infused into spirits.

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