Pupils’ patriotic popsicle picture pleases principal

Pupils' patriotic popsicle picture pleases principal

McCOOK, Neb. — Everyone knows Mr. Garcia does not like surprises.

“I don’t like surprises,” he’s known for saying.

But even he admitted this one was “awesome!”


Tuesday morning, the McCook Elementary School PTO presented the school principal, Tim Garcia, with a stylized American flag made with popsicle sticks decorated in red-white-and-blue by all of the school’s 400+ students.

Christin Gross, the PTO representative who led Mr. Garcia into the surprise convocation, said that this is actually the second such flag. “The first flag was made by just the kindergarten classes and it was auctioned off at the PTO fun night,” Christin said. “Mr. Garcia was bidding on it, but a kindergarten mother REALLY wanted it and she paid more than $300 for it.”

So, in appreciation of Mr. Garcia’s dedication to the school and to what he calls “my kiddos,” the PTO created a second flag with a popsicle stick from every student preschool through the third graders for Mr. Garcia.Pupils' patriotic popsicle picture pleases principal 1

Mr. Garcia was speechless, swiping at a sneaky tear. “It’s mine?” he asked. “It’s really mine?”

In its annual end-of-the-school-year recognition program, the PTO also honored teachers, coaches, paraprofessionals and staff. The teachers’ presents echoed the theme, “Teachers make all other professions possible.”

PTO members and Mr. Garcia encourage teachers to approach them with funding needs. Garcia said, “The PTO’s goal is that teachers never have to reach into their own pockets to fund classroom or special activities.”

Garcia told staff and students that he overheard a very appropriate comment, “Our PTO is small, but mighty. It has a great impact on our school.”


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