Automatic Wooden Round Stick Double Head Hole Drilling Machine for Latvia


Automatic Wooden Round Stick Double Head Hole Drilling Machine for Latvia is used to drill holes in wooden round sticks or dowels. It is designed to create precise and consistent holes in the center of the sticks, allowing for various applications such as crafting, woodworking, furniture making, or construction.

The machine typically consists of the following components:

  1. Wooden Rod Magazine Hopper: Worker put round wood stick in the magazine hopper, then it can automatic feeding for double head hole drilling.
  2. Drill Heads: There are two drill heads positioned opposite each other. These drill heads are equipped with drill bits specifically designed for drilling into wood.
  3. Chuck: The chuck is the mechanism that holds the drill bits securely in place. It allows for easy installation and removal of the drill bits.
  4. Controls: The machine usually has a control panel or switches that allow you to start and stop the drilling operation, control the speed of the drill heads, and adjust other settings as needed.
  5. Guides: Guides are present to ensure that the wooden round sticks are properly aligned and held in position during the drilling process. They help maintain accuracy and prevent the sticks from moving or rotating.

Using the machine typically involves placing the wooden round sticks into the guides, adjusting the depth stop if necessary, and activating the drill heads to start the drilling process. The machine will then rotate the sticks while the drill heads create holes in the desired locations.

It’s worth noting that the specific design and features of a wooden round stick double head hole drilling machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended application.


Automatic-Round-Wooden-Stick-Double-Head-Hole-Drilling-Machine-Touch-Screen-for-Latvia-Customer Wooden-Round-Stick-Double-Head-Hole-Drilling-Machine-Parts


Delivery Package of Wooden Round Stick Double Head Hole Drilling Machine


Automatic-Round-Wooden-Stick-Double-Head-Hole-Drilling-Machine-Delivery-for-Latvia-Customer Automatic-Round-Wooden-Stick-Double-Head-Hole-Drilling-Machine-Delivery-Package-for-Latvia-Customer

Working Video of Wooden Round Bar Double Head Hole Drilling Machine

User Manual for Wooden Stick Double Head Hole Drilling Machine

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