Ice Cream Sticks Order Arranging Machine

Table of Contents Whole Ice Cream Sticks Production LineDescription of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering MachineSpecification of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering MachineWorking Video of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering MachineCompany ProfileSend Us Inquiry to Get Quotation Whole Ice Cream Sticks Production LineDouble Segment Rotary Cutting MachineTri-Carved Cutting MachineDrying and Polishing MachineIce Cream Sticks ...


Whole Ice Cream Sticks Production Line

  1. Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine
  2. Tri-Carved Cutting Machine
  3. Drying and Polishing Machine
  4. Ice Cream Sticks Selecting Machine
  5. Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine
  6. Ice Cream Sticks Branding Machine
  7. Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine
  8. Ice Cream Sticks Ordering Machine

Description of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering Machine

Ice Cream Sticks Ordering Machine is used to order ice cream stick in same directly, which makes it easy for following processing. During the ice cream stick making process, you shall polishing & drying the stick after carved cutting machine. After drying & polishing process, the ice-cream stick is not in good order, It is in a mess. So, you need to arrange all the sticks into a good order and then packed by cartons manually. Ice Cream Sticks Order Arranging Machine can realized this function




Specification of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering Machine

Application114、93 ice cream stick
Output200,000 pcs/hour
Dimension of ContainerOrdering partFeeding part
2200*1600*1140 mm1530*1230*1800 mm
Weight280 KG(NET)380 KG(GW)150 KG(NET)250 KG(GW)


Working Video of Ice Cream Sticks Ordering Machine

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of woodworking machines. Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for high-quality machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance, long lifespan and an excellent technical support team.

Now, Our factory can provide ice cream stick production line ( including ice cream stick carved cutting machineice cream stick polishing machine, ice cream stick ordering machine, ice cream stick chamfering machine, ice cream stick quality vision selecting machine, ice cream stick branding machine and ice cream stick bundling machine), tongue depressor production line (include tongue depressor die cutting machine, tongue depressor dryer machine, tongue depressor polishing machine, tongue depressor ordering machine, tongue depressor quality selecting machine, tongue depressor bundling machine, tongue depressor four side sealing packing machine), disposable wooden spoon making machine (mainly including wooden spoon hot pressing making machine)   disposable wooden fork making machine, (mainly include wooden fork teeth making machine) disposable wooden knife making machine, vending coffee stick bundling machine, disposable wooden cutlery production line.

Romiter woodworking machine has passed with CE, ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world.


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