1. Which wood can be used for producing ice cream stick, tongue depressor, magnum stick, etc.?

Generally,  any non-toxic wood is ok for make ice cream stick, such as birth wood,  poplar wood, beech wood, etc.  The most popular wood in China is birch wood, .

2.For 1 CBM wood, How many pieces ice cream stick it can produce
1 CBM wood usually can produce about 200,000 pieces ice cream stick.

3. What’s your main product

Our main product includes ice cream sticks production line, tongue depressor production line, clothespins production line, toothpicks production line, incense sticks counting packing machine, clothespins assembling machine.

4. What’s machine do i need for ice cream sticks factory

Ice cream sticks rotary cutting machine, ice cream sticks tri-carved cutting machine, ice cream sticks drying & polishing machine, ice cream sticks chamfering machine, ice cream sticks ordering machine, ice cream sticks selecting machine, ice cream sticks branding machine, ice cream sticks bundling machine.

5. What is the process capacity for ice cream stick making machine?

Rotary cutting machine can process about 2-3 CBM wood per hour and Carved cutting machine can process about 1 CBM wood per hour.

6. For wood boiling, what capacity steam boiler do we need to use?

Usually, we suggest to use 2-3t/h, 1.25MPa steam boiler.


7. What machine do we need for disposable wooden spoon factory

Wood plate rotary cutting machine, wood plate punch cutting machine, wooden spoon hot press making machine

8. What machine do we need for toothpicks making machine

First confirm your toothpicks material, generally has wood and bamboo type.

Wood Toothpicks Production Line

Bamboo Toothpicks Production Line

9. What machine do we need for making plastic coffee stirrer

For making plastic coffee stirrer, you need to have plastic injection machine and plastic coffee stirrer mould. Then, we can provide plastic coffee stirrer bundling machine for you.

10. What is your machine delivery time?

Usually, it is 30 days after we receive customer prepayment.

11. What guarantee do you provide

We provide guarantee for one year from delivery. Within the guarantee period, we will provide you the machines parts for free, except the easy broken parts. if beyond the guarantee period, then we will provide you the machine parts at a lower price.

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