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New wooden sticks let you “rapid age” your whiskey in just 24 hours

New wooden sticks let you rapid age your whiskey in just 24 hours

Whiskey distilling is a
slow process, but now a new invention claims to let you customize your
scotch, giving you the smoky, woody flavor of your liquid dreams in just
24 hours.

It’s called “Whiskey Elements” and it has taken Kickstarter by storm — raising a huge 1,084 percent of its original funding target of $18,000.

Essentially a wooden
stick, Whiskey Elements speeds up the maturing process via “accelerated
transpiration through capillary action,” essentially “putting the barrel
into the whiskey.”

The Elements feature
horizontal insertions in order to better infiltrate the whiskey with the
flavor of your choice, including oak, vanilla, maple, smoke and peaty

According to its makers,
Time and Oak, adding an Element stick to one fifth of whiskey can
produce three years’ worth of aging effects in just 24 hours.

The sticks, which are designed for single use, are completely natural and contain no chemicals or additives.

Whiskey Elements is expected to start shipping in December.



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