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Months after her wallet was stolen, a public works employee found it on a ramp to the Parkway, but it wasn’t the wallet she missed. Rather, it was a reminder of her husband tucked inside the wallet that made its return extra rewarding.

To Sis Profeta, the story is a miracle.

Her husband had a golden toothpick made for her 35 years ago for Christmas.

“My kids even said, ‘Whoever would want a golden toothpick?’ And I said, ‘Your mother,’” said Profeta.

Ever since, she’s always kept it close to her in memory of her late husband and always stored it in her wallet. However, she had her wallet stolen while she was out to eat seven months ago and thought she’d never see the keepsake again.

“I really lost faith, and I thought someone took it and sold it,” Profeta said

Fast-forward to two days before Christmas to Dan Short, a Green Tree Public Works employee. On that day, Short said he came across a moldy wallet on the side of the Parkway West exit.

“They probably chucked it as they were driving by,” said Short.

Inside the wallet, Short found Profeta’s ID, so he gave the wallet to Green Tree police to return to her.

“When he opened it up all the way, I could see that little piece of gold – that tip sticking out of the pouch – and I lost it. I thought, Christmas, my husband did this for me,” said Profeta.

Profeta met with Short on Wednesday to thank him for the return of her wallet and golden toothpick.

“Really, really, really, thank you so much,” said Profeta.

“I’m glad it turned out,” said Short.

Profeta said she isn’t ready to put the golden toothpick back in her wallet just yet, but the keepsake means even more to her now.

“It was a miracle. It really was,” said Profeta.

The Green Tree police chief said in his 35-year career, he’s never seen a stolen wallet found and returned.


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