Perfect Bookmarks


While store-bought bookmarks are a more convenient option for the lazy, home-made bookmarks possess more character and depth. Needless to say, they make the most perfect presents for bookworms.

Paperclip Bookmarks
Colourful paper or gem clips can make for adorable bookmarks. Twist one of the overlapping curled ends upwards to make a heart or just stick them on to the ends of any decorative item you want – a woollen pompom, a torn bracelet, a stray earring, cut-out moustache or spectacles, or a cute little bow.

Corner bookmarks
Corner bookmarks are subtle and understated with enough room for slight customization. Cut out the lower corner of an envelope, the size depending on the pages of your book, so that you have a cap-like triangle. Leave it as it is if made of printed paper or, in the case of a plain envelope, draw to your liking (round spectacles topped by a lightning-shaped scar), stick on panda ears or write a little something
(“You fell asleep here”). Finally, stick the triangle onto the corner of the page, so it fits like a cap.

Ice-cream stick or Nail-file bookmarks
The header itself is self-explanatory, no? Wrap up an ice-cream stick or a plain emery board nail-file with decorative ribbons or paper, or decorate them with paint and writing – polka dots, paw prints, or a one-line quote from your favourite author.

Feather bookmarks
Modern bookmarks may be funky and smart, but a feather among the pages of a book still has a classic beauty all its own. Buy a fake, white feather from a gift store and paint on it with acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water. You could do a hombre, psychedelic patterns or leave it elegant with a single streak of colour.
The smell of pages, a coffee smudge here and a crumbled corner there are what make a book truly beautiful. And the bookmark is the final touch that makes the picture perfect.

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