Paint Stick Doll Garland

Paint Stick Doll Garland 2

I had this plan for quite some time of creating a set of peg dolls. For whom, and why? No clue. But, that’s not the point. I have a job that lets me make these types of things, so I can. Anyway, I adore those wooden peg dolls and needed to make a set.
But, alas, those little wooden pegs in unfinished/non-painted form are not easily found. I mean, I could go online and order them. But, I’m an instant gratification kind of girl, and if I can’t find them at the bajillion stores in my area, then no go. And they were expensive.
I went home and pouted. As I was pouting I saw my bunch of paint sticks. (Please tell me that everyone keeps those, or steals extra? Admit it — you do too.) I realized there was a nice little curve at the top, and they were wooden. That was enough for me. They would make a nice replacement to the peg dolls.
They did. Frankly, after I strung them up on a garland I wondered why I ever wanted wooden pegs in the first place. Paint stick dolls are so much better.
To create these adorable dolls, I used satin paint and (wait for it) … paint sticks (you weren’t expecting that, were you?). I’ve clearly had too much coffee today.
There isn’t anything special about my painting abilities, truly. I didn’t do anything crazy fancy. In fact, I used Q-tips for a majority of the painting. You can do this. It’s paint sticks for Pete’s sake — how crazy awesome does it have to be to be crazy awesome?
And this is the perfect craft to do with kids who might be cooped up inside. Even if they don’t turn out for you (we can’t see why they wouldn’t), you aren’t out any money. And you found a way to entertain yourself and/or a child for quite a while. Just be sure painting clothes are worn and newspaper is put down. You don’t want remnants of your fun in your house or on your clothes forever.
I think a string of these would be absolutely darling in a nursery or small child’s room. Or individual ones would work well for small kids and traveling, so they can still have dolls to play with without taking over the entire car. Create a whole “family” of dolls and see where the imagination can go.

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