Keep kids busy with holiday crafts

Keep kids busy with holiday crafts


The kids are off of school for, how long? A gabillion days on end? So holiday vacation doesn’t feel like forever, make sure you have plenty planned to keep your kids busy and prevent them from getting bored. Engage kids in holiday crafts to not only encourage activity, but also produce some original one-of-a-kind holiday gifts in the process. Here are a few ideas.

Snowman Decoration

Take a small terra cotta flower pot and paint the entire outside surface white including the bottom. Turn upside down and paint a snowman face on the front of the pot with black paint and an orange triangle for a nose. Glue two large red pompoms on each side and connect with a pipe cleaner arching over the top to make earmuffs. Paint the bottom band of the pot in colorful patterns to simulate a neck scarf.

Snowflake Decoration

Glue four popsicle sticks together in the center so they criss-cross in a snowflake shape. Paint white and decorate with blue sequins, beads, buttons, and glitter. Glue a ribbon loop on the back and hang.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Paint three large popsicle sticks dark green. Cut another large popsicle stick and use 1/3, painting it brown. Form a triangle with the three green sticks and use the brown stick for a trunk and glue together. Place a photo of a loved one in the center and trim to fit. Decorate the bottom horizontal stick with the person’s name and the year, glue a red bow on the top, and glue buttons or sequins on the sides as ornaments.

Holiday Stick Puppets

Paint popsicle sticks like thin Santas, snowmen, and reindeer and decorate with felt as scarves, buttons, and pipe cleaner antlers. Either glue a ribbon loop on the back and use as ornaments, or use for a fun puppet show.

Reindeer Decoration

Take three large popsicle sticks and glue into a triangle. Cut a triangle from brown construction paper and glue to the popsicle sticks to fill the interior space. Glue a red pompom on one point for the nose. Use a ribbon loop and glue to the back of the top horizontal stick. Cut two white circles and use for eyes in the interior and mark black pupils with marker or paint.


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