Baffled man’s cancer scare is actually a TOOTHPICK he swallowed whole

A RELIEVED man has said he “wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry” after learning the agonising pain he thought was CANCER turned out to be a toothpick puncturing through the wall of his stomach.

Baffled man's cancer scare is actually a TOOTHPICK he swallowed whole

Italian man Facino Nucci was terrified he was suffering from cancer after feeling a crippling pain in his lower abdomen.

The 37-year-old from the town of Avellino, in southern Italy, said: “I kept hoping that it would go away and I was just worrying for nothing, but the pain just got worse.” 

When he could no longer stomach the excruciating pain, Mr Nucci went to a local hospital for an endoscopy.

During the exam doctors at the Moscatti hospital, in Avellino, were amazed to find a small toothpick had burst through the wall of his stomach.

Mr Nucci was rushed in for endoscopic surgery to remove the pick.

Surgeons have now confirmed the Italian is recovering well and will be able to enjoy his Christmas lunch as normal.


Unlucky Mr Nucci told hospital staff he has no idea how he swallowed an entire toothpick – or how long it had been inside of his stomach.

Speaking on the phone from his hospital bed, he explained: “When they told me I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

“I was delighted it was not cancer, but stunned that my suffering could have been caused by something so stupid. 

“I still can’t believe it was possible to eat a toothpick and not notice – but they gave me it as a souvenir afterwards so I can’t really deny it.”

Digestive fluid is extremely acidic and can cause devastating internal damage when it leaks out from the stomach lining.


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