Wood Sticks Love Bird House

Wood Sticks Love Bird House

It’s kinda loopy what a box of craft sticks and some wood glue can make.
Those supplies “call” to me all the time, mostly because the Munchkin
has a seriously huge supply of small plastic animals that need housing.
I’ve made quite a few different buildings for Munchkin to use whilst
playing with every last toy Safari ever made. Take this Rabbit Hutch
HERE with a little polymer clay lop eared bunny I made to go with it.
Sometime soon, I’ll show you some of the other buildings I’ve made.
But…..back to the Bird house. If you want to make something along
these lines you’re going to need a lot of:

Wood Sticks Love Bird House 2Wood Sticks Love Bird House 3

Then, you’ll need some hot glue to hold them to their stand and some
paint to do the very laborous process of painting the house. My process
was even longer than most because, you see, I had this grand idea to
spray paint. I thought….the GARAGE would be the perfect spot to do it
because the fumes. I definitely did not want to spray it inside. So, I
tried to apply a first coat and while I let it dry my husband came

Wood Sticks Love Bird House 4

He wasn’t expecting a bird house on the floor, as you can clearly see. And, I know he felt really bad about it because the first thing he did was holler……………..”BRING YOUR CAMERA OUT HERE!!!” Yup, he always thinking of me. 😉
So, I had to start from scratch. Good thing I love craft sticks and wood glue. Once painted the whole project looks a lot fancier than a pile of popsicle sticks. At least, it’s fancy for me…

Wood Sticks Love Bird House 5Wood Sticks Love Bird House 6



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