Make Popsicle Bracelets

When I saw Mama Miss’s Washi tape Popsicle bracelets, I was completely smitten.  Bracelets… made out of Popsicle sticks?  Super neat-o.  Count me in.

So today I present my version of Popsicle bracelets.  They were really fun to make and brought me back to my summer camp days.

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 1

– Popsicle sticks
– Craft paint
– Paint brush
– Glasses
– Tupperware
– Water
– Painter’s tape
– Drill
– String
– Scissors
– Fine sand paper
– Mod Podge
– Foam Brush

1.  Soak your Popsicle sticks in water and leave them there for 3 days.
 This will make them nice and pliable.   (Note:  You’ll want to soak
about two times more sticks than you need.  I found that about half of
my sticks broke in the process.)

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 2

2.  After 3 days, pull out the sticks and slowly bend them into a
bracelet shape.  (Bend them slowly or else they’ll break.)  To keep the
Popsicle sticks in their curved state,  place them in cups and let them
dry.  (Note:  Make sure your cup mouths are wide enough to slip over
your wrist.)

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 3

After the bracelets dry (after about a day or so), pull them out and you’ll get these lovelies:

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 4

3.  As you can see, the bracelets are quite wide enough to cover your
entire wrist.  So, you’ll need to drill two holes in both ends of your
bracelets (so you can add string later.)  Then, lightly sand them down
to prepare them for painting.  Use Painter’s tape to block out your

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 5

4.  Paint your bracelets.  Once the paint dries, remove your Painter’s tape and apply a coat of Mod Podge to seal your paint.
5.  String your bracelets and finish them off with sliding knots. 

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 6

And there you have it- bracelets cute enough to make your inner middle school girl squeal.
Happy crafting!

make diy painted popsicle bracelets 7



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