How to choose wood or plastic clothes pegs

There is a great variety of clothes pegs on the market, which serve the same function and are composed of two articulated parts holding the clothes to a line (rope, plastic or metal) using an elastic spring that allows an angle of opening and subsequent closure of both sides, achieving the subjection of the garment.

In general terms, clothes pegs are made from wood or polypropylene. These clips are, in themselves, very useful and everyday objects. Wooden-Clothespin

Many people raised the big question of whether to choose plastic or wooden pegs, which has the longer use and which is the more practical

Wood pegs are strong: each part is made of compact wood, while the plastic pegs are made of an injection mould.
Those who choose wood point out, among its qualities, that by being more compact therefore they break less, also do not splinter or rust.
Those who elect plastic believe they are more resistant to the weather. Surely you have your own preference.

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