DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Popsicle Stick Wall Art

Did you ever make things out of Popsicle sticks as a kid?  I have fond
memories of making popsicle stick picture frames and jewlery boxes in
summer camp.

Today’s craft is a slightly more sophisticated version of this beloved
childhood activity.  (Maybe that’s why I enjoyed making it so much?)
This hexagon wall art is graphic, super easy to make, and (bonus!)
covers a large space for relatively little cost.   If you have a wall
that you’d like to easily decorate, why not give it a try too?

honeycomb popsicle wall art 1


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Hot glue gun


honeycomb popsicle wall art 2

1.  Practice arranging your Popsicle sticks.  When you’re pleased with your arrangement, take a photo so you’ll remember it. 

honeycomb popsicle wall art 3

2.  Paint your sticks.  (I initially painted them yellow, but thought
they looked a little too flat.  Hubby suggested that I add a gold stripe
to them to give them more depth.)

honeycomb popsicle wall art 4

3.  Hot glue your sticks together.  One easy way to ensure that your
hexagons have similar angles is to draw out a hexagon shape and use that
to guide your gluing. 

And that’s really all you have to do to create your own honeycomb wall art.

honeycomb popsicle wall art 5

honeycomb popsicle wall art 5

honeycomb popsicle wall art 7

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