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Cure-dents en bois faisant la machine

La chaîne de production de brochettes en bois est utilisée pour fabriquer des brochettes à partir de bois brut. il comprend la scie à bois, la machine à former les tiges en bois, la machine à polir les bâtons en bois et la machine à aiguiser les lames. Il est employé couramment dans beaucoup d’usine de fabrication de brochette en bois.

Wooden toothpicks making machine include the following equipment

1. Wood Slicing Machine


Wood Slicing Machine is used for the whole piece of wood cut into slices.

ItemModelBuilt PowerBoard-Box PackWeight
(KW)(L×W×H cm)(kg)
Wood slicing machineRM-6236.23120×70×120310


2. Round Wooden Rod Forming Machine


Wooden Rod Forming Machine is used to draw the slices to wooden rods. The diameter is 2mm-10mm. This machine applies to make wooden skewer and other wooden rods

ItemModelPowerBoard-Box PackWeight
(KW)(L×W×H cm)(kg)
Round wooden rod forming machineRM-6730.5125×70×120380


3. Wooden Stick Polishing Machine

Wooden Stick Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine is to polish the wooden or bamboo rod and make the surface of rod smoothly. It applies to wooden, bamboo skewer and other rods.

Polishing MachineRM-222.2225*110*100380

4. Sharpening Machine


Sharpening machine is to sharpen one or two ends of the rod according to customer’s request.

Sharpening machineRM-1120.37 0.75155*90*125330

5. Blade Sharpening Machine

Blade Sharpening Machine

Blade sharpening machine is specially designed for grinding carbide saws easily and efficiently. This blade sharpener machine can sharpen flat tooth, tilting tooth, alternate tooth, composite tooth of carbide saw blade and other saw bit.

Blade sharpening machineRM-370.3785*60*110100

Working Video of Wooden Toothpicks Making Machine

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