Coffee Stirrers Bundling Machine of Bulgaria Customer is Ready for Delivery

Coffee Stirrers Bundling Machine of Bulgaria Customer is Ready for Delivery

Most customer may know we are professional ice cream sticks machine supplier, in fact, for stick processing, our ice cream sticks bundling machine can also bundle plastic coffee stireres, it is very easy for our machine to complete it with fast speed.

Here is one video for the coffee stirrer bundling machine test video

Also, Because this coffee stirrer bundling machine customer has two type coffee stirrer, the length and thickness is different. Don’t worry , it is also very easy for our bundling machine. Here is how to adjust the bundling machine

After adjustment, this coffee stirrer stick bundling machine can be used to pack another length and thickness coffee stirrer stick

If you are also in need of such stick bundling machine, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. You will not be disappointed


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Romiter Group are one of the leading organization engaged in providing excellent quality Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Making Machines, wooden tongue depressor making machine, wooden magnum making machine, wooden spoons making machine, plastic coffee stirrer bundling machine, coffee mixer bundling machine, wooden & bamboo toothpicks making machine, wood timber making machine, which are manufactured by using high grade material. These Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Making Machines , wooden magnum making machine, coffee stirrer bundling machine are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. High in demand, these Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Making Machines are available at most reasonable prices.

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