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Saw Dust Wood Pallet Processing Line mainly include three process: Saw Dust Making, Saw Dust Gluing, Saw Dust Block Hot Pressing Table of Contents 1,Single head hot press2,Glue mixer (Gluing machine)3, Dryer machine4. CrusherWorking Video of Wood Pallet Sawdust Block FactoryCompany ProfileSend Us Inquiry to Get QuotationSend Us Inquiry to Get Quotation 1,Single head hot press Equipment disposi ...

Saw Dust Wood Pallet Processing Line mainly include three process: Saw Dust Making, Saw Dust Gluing, Saw Dust Block Hot Pressing


1,Single head hot press

Equipment disposition: Generally four hot presses are a production line, must provide the dryer, the gluing machine, grinder each. (dryer, gluing machine, grinder and so on supporting facility customer buys in addition).
Personnel disposition: Production personnels 4-5 person per shift. And raw material sort (screening), drying, spreads 2-3 people, looked that machine 2 people (a person may look at two machines).
Production cycle: After confirmation order form and payment advanced payment, 40 super craftsmen ship factory delivery.
Equipment investment recoupment period: 10— 12 months.
Our factory is responsible for the technical training, and provides the consummation the post-sale service.

Technical parameter
We have many models of wood pallet hot-press machine; different model can make different size.
Please use wood shavings and sawdust to make pallets. If the raw material is not very big, it is unnecessary to crush.

Model Power Size Capacity Density Warm Prosecution Weight Remark
kw mm m3/24h kg/m3 kg
RMWP75*75/2 15 5000*600*1300 3 550-600 PID adjusts the merit accent to press the control 1000 Double head
RMWP80*100/2 15 5000*600*1300 3.5 550-600 1200 Double head
RMWP80*130 18 5000*600*1300 3 550-600 1200
RMWP80*90/2 15 5000*600*1300 3.5 550-600 1200 Double head
RMWP90*90/2 15 5000*600*1300 4 550-600 1200 Double head
RMWP100*100/2 18 5000*600*1300 4.5 550-600 1200 Double head
RMWP100*115 18 5000*600*1300 3 550-600 1300
RMWP100*130 18 5000*600*1300 3.5 550-600 1400
RMWP140*140 18 5000*600*1300 3.5 550-600 1500

This cushion has the diameter 18-28mm vertical heart garden hole according to the different specification, conforms to the European Tray Association the load-bearing wooden block’s manufacture instrument of ratification stipulation which is made by the wooden dregs board (the load-bearing wooden block specification 100mm*145mm diameter not to be able to surpass 32mm, the 145mm*145mm diameter not to be able to surpass 40mm).  (The size could be customized)

State Forestry Bureau East China lumber and woodware quality surveillance test center check result
Formaldehyde release quantity (mg/100g): 21.4 conform to E2
Grasps the bolt strength (N): 980
In bonding strength (Mpa):1.76

Working Video

2,Glue mixer (Gluing machine)


Working Video

3, Dryer machine

If the marterial’s moisture is above 15%,the drying machine is needed to dry the moisture under 15% before mixing the material ( e.g.sawdust ) with glue.The productivity can be designed as the requirements from customers.
In the sawdust dryer, high-speed hot air stream sustain raw material in the suspending state, then the material is dried. Since air stream speed is very high, and mateirls suspending in air stream, the heat transfter surface between air and raw mateiral is large, so the heat transfer rate is high.

Saw Dust Dryer

The diameter of the materials
< 3mm & < 5mm
The temperature of the heating air
Motor power
Size of the machine

 Working Video

4. Crusher

 If the materials log is bigger than 5*5mm(,smaller than 200mm,there is necessary to crush the material into 5*5mm for further processing.)



Log diameter

Working Video

Saw-Dust-Wood-Block Saw-Dust-Block-Wood-Pallet

Working Video of Wood Pallet Sawdust Block Factory


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