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Romiter Group is based in North, China. Romiter are concentrating on manufacturing and trading bamboo processing machinery and ice cream stick processing machinery. Our woodworking machines are widely used in making bamboo & woFoden toothpicks, chopsticks, barbecue skewers, as well as various sizes of round and square wooden & bamboo sticks. Romiter Group provides machines for producing

wooden ice cream sticks, wood ice sticks, wood magnum sticks, paddle sticks,bow-tie sticks,wooden tonge depressors, spatula, wooden craft sticks, colored craft sticks, magnum sticks, popsicle sticks, wood candy sticks,disposable wooden fork,knife,spoon, wood popsicle sticks, wood lollipop sticks, round Ice lolly sticks, hot dog sticks,wooden ice-cream spoons, wooden tongue depressors spatulas, wooden coffee stirrers, woooden coffee sticks,disposable wooden fork,disposable wooden knife,paint paddle sticks,

ice cream wooden round & paddle sticks, spoons and tongue depressors. The bamboo veneer board producing line and bamboo flooring producing line are widely used in furniture and construction area. We supply sorting, packing, and wrapping machines for the mentioned products also. We not only supply our customers’ high quality machines with competitive prices, but also, we will offer good after-sale service and technical support in your production. Hope to be your good partner in your business venture.



  1. Our own QC staffs ,check the quality strictly before deliverying for our clients.
  2. Detailed introductions make you understood,and make you to operate all the machines easily
  3. If need professional engineer will go to your plant to set the machine for you until it operates very well
  4. If there was something wrong with the machines,we promise it will be solved within 24 hours


Now we are purchasing agent of many customers all over the world.Purchase almost everything for them.We have lots of experiences of purchasing.Low cost and good quality is our target


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Product/Service:ice cream stick machine, Wooden Magnum Making Machine,  toothpick
, chopsticks machinepopsicle sticks making machine, coffee mixer packing machine, bamboo toothpicks making machine, sticks ordering machine, wooden spoons making machine, manicure sticks making machine, incense sticks making machine, wooden clothespins making machine, wooden lollipop sticks making machine
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