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Ice Cream Sticks Production Line for Brasil Customer

Brasil customer has been in wood product field for many years, before he contact with us, their main business is for toothpicks making, bamboo skewer making, manicure sticks making. ice-cream-stick-and-magnum-plant-drawing

In the new year 2015, Brasil customer want to start his own ice cream sticks, ice spoon, wooden tongue depressor business. Brasil customer purchase one whole ice cream sticks production line & tongue depresso production line.

Romiter can provide all machine for one ice cream sticks factory and our ice cream sticks machine, tongue depressor machine has the lastest technology in China, include ice cream sticks vision selecting machine, wooden ice spoon chamfering machine, ice cream sticks rotary cutting machine, ice cream sticks branding machine, ice cream sticks bundling machine.


Our perfect ice cream sticks factory solution has give customer confident for his future ice cream sticks business.

When customer visit our ice cream sticks factory project, he also require us to help him purchase factory related waste ice cream sticks steam boiler and tool.  We contact our cooperate factory and help customer get very good price.


If you are in need to build your ice cream sticks factory , please don’t hesitate to contact us


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