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Spoon carver causes a stir displaying craft at apple day

DAVID Knight carved out a niche for himself at Cogges Manor Farm’s Apple Day as he crafted spoons from apple wood.

The 56-year-old spoon carver was one of a number of attractions at the event in Witney on Saturday, which included archery, spinning and weaving and toffee apple making.

He said: “It was a great day.

“I was there to add to the apple scene, because I was carving an apple wood spoon and also because we are hoping to run workshops with Cogges in the new year.



“I had my first visitor at about 11am and I kept going right up until about 5pm. I carved three spoons but I did not finish any because I was talking so much.”

Mr Knight said the popularity of spoon carving has grown rapidly in recent years.

He said: “I have been carving for about 15 years and there is no doubt that it has increased in popularity across Britain.

“There is now a national spoon carving festival each year.

“People are attracted by producing something that you can use but also can be very personal and special.”


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