Kitchen Essentials Worth Upgrading to in Your Mid 20’s


As you start to settle down into the workforce rhythm and have a steady source of income, you should start to think about having a healthy lifestyle instead of the basic bare minimum that you had as a student. Whilst a healthy lifestyle involves diet and exercise, let’s not forget to neglect the tools that allow this lifestyle to be convenient. In this article, I’m going to talk about 5 things that might make a world of difference in the kitchen.

Stainless steel cooking pot

My first cooking pot was bought from Sainsbury’s and I basically took the cheapest one that I could fine when I was a student. It served me well as I was just basically boiling pasta in it. However, it got a bit more difficult to clean when i wanted to make rice or lentil soup. Thus, when a friend offered me his stainless steel cooking pot upon leaving the country, my post-cooking wash life improved a lot. Stainless steal pots are relatively easy to clean and I usually soak the pot in warm water to let the grease come off quicker.

Flat lid with a vent hole

I currently use a flat lid with a vent hole which came together with my stainless steel pot. Previously, I had a domed lid which drove me crazy because when the steam rose up and water flowed out onto the vent, it made a mess of the stove. The flat lid at least helps keep some of the water trapped in the lid before it overflows, making no mess or at least less of a mess. Note however, that having a flat lid will not make up for lack of ability to estimate the level of heat needed to cook the food. I sometimes forget to turn the heat down a few minutes through cooking and a stove disaster occurs.

Non- Stick Cooking Pan

This is one of the best things that I ever bought kitchen-wise. I used to have an ordinary pan that had less of a curved edge, and when I cooked scrambled eggs, it would be a pain to clean. I currently have an 8-inch Ozeri stainless steel earth pan which I think is a good call for my cooking needs. You need little oil to cook the food (which is great for healthy cooking) and the handle doesn’t get too hot. The food will also cook evenly, which is great for people who are not master chefs but want a quick, easy but healthy meal. It’s really easy to clean as well because the grease falls off really quickly and it’s not heavy that you can’t lift it with one hand so it’s very convenient to hand wash even if you don’t have a dishwasher. I use it to cook a variety of foods (for 1 to 2 people) and my cooking time has been more efficient with this pan.

Aside from functionality, I also really like the design as it can be stored in a drawer or come hanging on the kitchen hooks. Plus points to the eco friendy and non-stick credentials as I am a big fan of chemical-free items.

Non- Stick Cooking Spoon

I used to have a wooden spoon before having a non-stick cooking spoon. I noticed that a non-stick cooking spoon is easier to clean than a wooden spoon when you cook more oily items. However, I find it slightly easier to mix certain food or chop certain soft foods up when pan frying.

Hand moisturizer

Lastly, I discovered that keeping hand lotion or moisturizer by the kitchen is very handy as it keeps my hands soft and smooth after washing up. Scent and brand are of course personal preference. Currently, I have a Crabtree and Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia ultra-moisturizing hand therapy as it’s oil-free and paraben free. I find that this definitely keeps my hands smelling sweet (but not that strong) and very soft and smooth without a lot of unnecessary chemicals.


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