Handmade Gift Idea: Paint Stick Dominoes


How to Make Paint Stick Dominoes

  1. Supplies:
  2. 4 paint sticks
  3. black paint
  4. white paint
  5. ruler
  6. saw
  7. miter box
  8. polyurethane


Step 1:  Collect paint sticks

I purchased these paint sticks from Wal-Mart for .28 each.

They are perfect for the project because they are longer and thicker than regular paint sticks.

And you don’t have to awkwardly ask the paint worker for sticks and
try to explain they are for a project and he gives you the look paint
workers give when they think everyone should stop reading Pinterest.

You can just pay .28 and leave with your dignity intact.


Step 2:  Cut paint sticks

Using a miter box and saw, cut each paint stick into 2 1/2 inch strips.

Each paint stick makes 7 dominoes.

Sand rough edges.


Step 3:  Paint paint sticks black

I just used regular craft paint.

Paint both sides.

Let dry.


Step 4:  Paint dots and lines

Using a white paint pen…paint the set according to a standard set of dominoes.

You should end up with 28 dominoes.

Let dry and add a coat of polyurethane.


I was sew inspired (pun totally intended) by this project….that I made a bag for the dominoes.

It’s just burlap ribbon looped over and sewed together.

I sewed a burlap tag on and wrote dominoes.

Including the ribbon and the paint sticks….the entire project cost under $2.50.

I’m also adding instructions for some fun domino games inside.

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