Bamboo Toothpicks Line Introduction


Bamboo toothpicks making machine is used to make toothpicks from raw bamboo material. it include the bamboo saw, bamboo splitting machine, bamboo slicing machine, bamboo wool forming machine, bamboo wool cutting machine, toothpick stick forming machine, toothpick polishing machine, toothpick head sharpening machine and blade sharper machine.  It is widely used in many toothpicks factory.

Working Process

  1. Saw: band saw or circular saw.  Our equipments list excludes this saw. Customer should buy in local market or order from us separately.
  2. Function: to cut the raw log to specific dimension wooden batten.
  3. Slicing machine: to cut the wooden batten to slice.
  4. Drawbench : to make the slice to wirelike wooden thread.
  5. Set size of wooden thread:  to cut the slice to specified length( 3 times of toothpick length)
  6. Set size of toothpick stick:  to cut the small slice to toothpick length
  7. Polishing machine: polish the surface of toothpick stick.
  8. Aligning machine: to make the sticks in order and prepare for next processing.
  9. Sharpen machine: sharpen both ends of stick or sharpen one end to tip and another end pressing flower.
  10. Toothpick Packing machine: to pack the ready made products to packages.
  11. Our equipments list excludes this saw. Customer should order from us separately.
  12. Multi function Blade sharpen machine:  This is an auxiliary equipment for this line to sharpen the blades in above machines.

Working Video of Bamboo Toothpicks Line

Company Profile

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