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Popsicle stick builders attempt engineering feats

Popsicle Stick Bridge

This past weekend, the Richmond/Delta branch of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. held their annual science fair and popsicle stick bridge competition at Lansdowne Centre.

The beginning of March also marks the beginning of National Engineering and Geoscience Month, and the APEGBC aims to promote their fields with this event each year.

“We want [students] to get themselves familiar with the different types of engineering and geoscience,” said APEGBC vice chair Fardin Barekat.  “As it stands now, we have a lack of engineers in Canada, so we’re trying to get that going, get some more engineers.”

The fair included booths from UBC’s seismic design and steel bridge teams, the City of Richmond, Science World, BCIT, and the famous soccer playing robots, the Thunderbots.

The big ticket event at the fair is the popsicle stick bridge building competition, where the goal is the build a structure that will support the most weight.

There are three categories: grade 10 and under, grades 11 and 12, and post-secondary, and participants are allotted just 75 popsicle sticks and white school glue to build their bridges.

There are cash prizes for first, second, and third at each level, “and they all get certificates. Framed certificates,” said Barekat.

“We hope teachers in high schools and elementary schools become more supportive of this event, and encourage their students to come to this event more often.”


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