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Iran Ice Cream Sticks Making Factory Condition

Iran has many ice cream sticks, tongue depressor factory, most of these factory are using labour to complete the ice cream sticks works. In these factory, worker needs to count the number of ice cream stick and bundle it by hand. This makes their ice cream stick and tongue depressor producing is low effective and cost very high. Iran ice cream sticks factory who can save labour cost during these ice cream stick manfacturing. they will get high profit and larger output.

Romiter provide full automatic ice cream sticks production line, ice cream spoon production line and tongue depressor production line for global market.

Ice-Cream-Sticks-Rotary-Cutting-Machine Wood-Plate-Rotary-Cutting-Machine

Tri-Carved-Cutting-Machine-for-ice-cream-sticks,-tongue-depressor,-ice-spoon-4Popsicle Sticks Carved Cutting Machine, popsicle sticks chopping machine is used for cutting wood plate to popsicle shape. The shape is decided by the mould on the carved cutting machine.



Wooden Tongue Depressor Chamfering Machine 2Coffee-Stirrer-Chamfering-Machine


It is time to update your ice cream stick making process.


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