Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine for South America Customer


High Speed Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine for South America Customer is our new developed ice cream sticks bundling machine, it adopt many imported component, which make sure the accurate operation and working. Now, the speed can reach 60000 pieces in one hour. Even the appearance do not change. the internal has been updated in many aspect. please try to count the speed in the video with other low speed machine.


Advantage Feature of High Speed Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine


  1. Faster Bundling Speed: Popsicle Sticks Bundling Machine bundling machine bundling speed is faster than before, now it can reach 60,000pcs ice cream stick per hour.
  2. Integrated Reasonable Struture: Pneumatic sticks pulling parts adopt linear rail-type, it realize integration design, and its control accuracy is much higher than before.
  3. Smaller Compressed Air Consumption: Now our cylinders already become 40mm and 30mm from 50mm and 40mm diameter, That means new popsicle stick bundling machine will consume less compressed air than before. This will save a lot of energy cost for user.
  4. New electromagnetic valve design to control bundling process:  For the last generation popsicle bundling machine,  When bundling 50pcs stick as one packet, it needs one device to stop the first stick of the next bundle. Sometimes, There will have some count fault happen.  But, for our new popsicle bundling machine, we adopts electromagnetic valve to control one cylinder to stop the next bundle the first stick. So it is more reliable and less error than before.

Working Video of High Speed Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine

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Romiter Group are one of the leading organization engaged in providing excellent quality Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Making Machines, wooden popsicle sticks making machine,  wooden tongue depressor, toothpicks, which are manufactured by using high grade material. These Popsicle Making Machines are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. High in demand, these Popsicle Making Machines Making Machines are available at most reasonable prices.

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