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Godhra’s Muslims stick with dandias

The right-wing groups in Godhra may have managed to ban Muslims from
entering garbas venues. But the community will still have an integral
presence, not only in the town, but across the state in Navratri

Not many know that Godhra is the largest manufacturer
of dandias in the country and the trade is largely dominated by
Muslims. The town has around 300 dandia makers who make the sticks in
varying amounts. The sector is highly unorganized and sellers say that
the number of dandias they make would run into lakhs. These are sold not
only in the state, but even in other parts of the country.

units otherwise manufacture items like rolling pins and rolling boards
through the year. But for three to four months ahead of Navratri, the
focus shifts to making ‘dandias’. The units make the sticks from wood
procured locally and then colour them in a variety of colours. The town
specializes in making painted wooden dandias that are the most popular
and not the variety embellished with brocade that the manufacturers say
are largely for show and not good to play with.

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