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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Belt Dryer for Ice Cream Stick and Tongue Depressor


Full Automatic Stainless Steel Belt Dryer is used for ice cream sticks, wooden coffee stick, tongue depressor, wooden spoon , wooden or bamboo chopsticks , wooden forks and cutlery etc.  It can dry the product very fast and avoid deformation and break problem.  We provide full dryer solution for customer. Our mesh belt adopt stainless steel,  herringbone shape hole which make sure long life span and suitable for wooden product.


Working Principle of Automatic Mesh Belt Dryer

  1. It include transporting device, dryer oven, frame , air blower, moisture discharging device , waste heat recovery device and control system.
  2. The dryer include many sets stainless steel mesh belt, the material is feeded by conveyor to the mesh belt and move forwarder in the dryer. the dry hot air blow from the top to the bottom. then the wooden product is dried.
  3. The material move from the top layer to the bottom layer, which make sure it can be dried long time.

Feature of Mesh Belt Dryer

  1. Adjustable air blow quantity, dryer temperature, mesh belt moving speed.
  2. Continuous working
  3. Multi-layer design and 80mm thickness heat insulation cover, which make sure high efficiency and save energy.
  4. Special design hot air blower system, which make sure the uniform distribution of hot air.
  5. According to different material, we provide customized design
  6. Adopt stainless steel belt, which make sure long lifespan and meet food grade requirement.

Working Video of Automatic Mesh Belt Dryer


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