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Disposable Wooden Knife Production Line


Disposable Wooden Knife Production Line include wood plate rotary cutting making machine, knife shape die cutting machine and knife shape heat forming machine (with teeth making function)


1.  wood plate rotary cutting making machine


Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine applies to process small diameter round wood material. It has computer controlling system, adjust easily, low noise, easy operation, good rigidity and high efficiency. It is widely used in wood processing machine. Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine is necessary machine for ice cream sticks production line and ice cream spoons production line.



Model RM-RDS
Wood Board Thickness 1- 8mm
Processing Length <520mm
Clamping Diameter <800mm
Dimension 2500*2400*1300mm
Principal Axis Speed 0 – 220 r/min
Main Motor Power 7.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Moving Forward Motor Power 1.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Auxiliary Clamping Motor Power 1.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Weight 2350kg
Max Cuting Speed 380mm/s


Working Video


2. Knife Shape Die Cutting Machine


Knife Shape Die Cutting Machine is used to cut the wood board into certain size wood chips. The width and thickness of wood chips is adjustable. The wood after rotary cutting is with certain temperatures. You shall process the wood veneer immediately. Generally speaking, if you order 1 set of wood rotary cutting machine, you need 2 set of carved cutting machine.

Disposable-Wooden-Knife-Die-Cutting-Knife-for-Sale Disposable-Wooden-Knife-Die-Cutting-Knife



Power 1.5kw
Motor speed 1440r/min
Cutting frequency 400 times/min
Max cutting width 430mm (customized)
Max. cutting layer 8-9 layers
Max. carved cutter No. 3 pcs cutter
Overall Dimension 1170*1050*1050mm
Net Weight 520kg


Working Video

3. Knife Shape Heat Forming Machine (with teeth making function)


Knife Shape Heat Forming Machine (with teeth making function) can make the wooden spoon shaped plate to wooden spoon. When it combine with our triple punching cutting machine,  it is an wooden spoon production line.

Knife Shape Heat Forming Machine adopt ZYG,pneumatic-hydraulic and adopt compressed air as power source. When the pressure is confirmed,  pressure will change with the compression area. On this principle, we increase the pressure to very high to get good effect. This disposable knife shape making machine has the feature of high pressure, low voice and stable working.


Working  Video


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